Friday, 1 July 2011

Some bits from Camberwell College of Art

It's such a shame the muggy weather ruined what was a generally quite impressive, very packed and of course uber trendy opening show for Camberwell College. There was way too much to see in a strangely complex labyrinth like building, congested with too many twenty-something year olds navigating the sweaty corridors and stairwells, in the allotted few hours. The odd piece I could snap on the BB are displayed here. These are not necessarily my favourites, there just the ones I could access without a million people in the way. Well done to all that graduated from Camberwell, a special congratulations is in order for Sean Maher who's work was definitely one of the most captivating expressions with clear consideration for aesthetic pleasure and artistic reasoning, minus the arty farty attempt at abstract, which many other pieces failed on.
Big Up!!

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