Sunday, 23 October 2011

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Styled by Mark McMahon for Oki-Ni

Mark McMahon is a bit of a renaissance man. He is a consultant, a stylist, designer and experiences in fashion PR. I am in no position to say which of these many skills he is best at, BUT from the looks of it he is a massively talented stylist. Check out this sullenly, smooth and epicurean images shot for Oki Ni's 'STYLED' section.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Got to get Involved With The Roll Neck Sweats

John Smedley Belvoir Roll Neck Sweater

With over two centuries of heritage good ol' Smedley is a trusted knitwear designer. Ethically sourced, amazingly the company's 100% Merino wool pieces 0.0013% of the worlds sheep population! Selection of colours and styles available online and exclusively to the Brook Street store in London.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

More Millerain

Oliver Spencer Navigator 100% British Millerain Waxed showerproof Jacket

The love for this jacket is all in the deets! The large field parka or hunting jacket style pockets, good for stashing everything from shotgun shells to iPhones. The lovely jetted pocket, its the hidden one on the right side of the jacket, our left, makes an unusual addition to a piece of outwear. Usually such specification is saved for formal tailored jackets/blazers. In my humble opinion this makes the jacket even more appealing as it cleverly blends classic and contemporary styles. To top it all off, the single L shaped breast pocket with contrast coloured button has to be the most eye catching feature on this understated piece of apparel.

Oh and if you did not know, Millerain is a British made (this is a rarity in itself), premium, waxed, performance fabrication. You know this is durable and quality material when the very same company makes military and medical performance wear, as has done so for over 200 years! Need I say more?

Getting this for sure!

The Barbour Bant Jacket.



Soon to be mine! My Precious!! *Rubs hands*

Ben Back With A Bang

Ben Sherman has recently created a capsule range inspired by the great British Outdoorsmen of the 1950s. The Modern Classics range reinvents classic mens pieces including the corduroy trouser, Oxford shirts and the field jacket.

Cinch back, tartan lined tapered chinos with buttons for eyelet braces and a selvedge edge. A neat fit and unique style this reinvention of a classic is well designed and executed.

This is a a cord shirt like no other. From the gusset details (the little triangles that hold the shirt together at the bottom corners, by the hips, to the discreet and delectable overlapped breast pocket finished with wooden buttons.

Toggles, elbow patches and those huge hunting pockets make me fall in love with this jacket ever time my eyes set upon it. The red rust colour gives it a vintage feel for me, which scores it extra brownie points! Other dashing details include the tartan-esque lining, large worn wooden buttons, an asymmetrical breast pocket and partial cord lining! not bad at £250.

Limited edition, only 100 made and packaged in traditional boxes and a letter of authentication, these oxford shirts come in grey and gold also. Definitely keeping an eye out for a low number when I get mine.

This, quite simply is the nicest fair isle knitted jumper on the market. It's luxury 100% lambswool fabric makes wearing this beaut a real joy, I can see this being something I'd look forward to wearing when the cold bites.

Shop the full collection at 115 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London

T: (+44) 020 7243 8195

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So sorry for the gap in posting bits and pieces. Ive been to Outlook Festival in Croatia, which was 'the nuts', and I've also started a new job, as a result my time has been limited, on top of this my laptop died. All this aside my laptop and I are ready to get back on it...