Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Incredibly Chic Collection from Whyred Menswear

On this collection alone Whyred has become one of my new favourite brands. Everything about this showing is on point. The extra slim tapered, and creased trousers, swinging nonchalantly above the ankle, the deep 'V' on the double breasted jacket is cunningly clever, and the narrow button down collars all appeal to my sensibilities. The green mod meets fishing attire inspired rain mac is pretty neat also (may have to invest in a similar piece for life in London over fast approaching autumn months). Really impressed by this range. I will definitely be doing some research into the Whyred brand, I suggest you do to.

Stockholm Fashion Week

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

This Is Why I rate Soulland



Marc by Marc Jacobs, Via CQC

Here Comes The Brit In Black

Neil Barrett is flying the British flag high and mighty in his dark twisted fantasy of an S/S range at Milan Fashion Week. Loving the luxe leather looks, drop crotch tapered trousers, and super slim collars and lapels. The patterns however are mistakenly brash rather than beautifully bold. P.S There is no new black.

Poetic Reflection Sparked By The Riots and Looting in The UK

Don't Forget

We used to be the flyest,

Now we the saddest,

From bespoke suits,

To being broke lawsuits,

Where did we go wrong,

Weren’t we strong,

It was all about black elegance,

Now its black negligence,

Now society got no tolerance

For the lames,

Who think their leopards,

Its time to fix up,

Look sharp,

Be spoke,

Be known,

Be conscious,

Be heard,

You owe it to yourself and your history,

to never be a mystery.

By Kingsley Zah, DCME

Knock On Wood

Wood Wood are going from strength to strength. To be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of the brand two seasons ago but now they are really doing it for me. The Danish menswear company is becoming a real international force. The now and the future of menswear lies in Europe. With brands such as Wood Wood using the cuts and silhouettes popular in the past to build their future, with busy prints details and a modern minimalism flowing through many of their lines, only pricing and a lack of coverage in terms of distribution and press could keep this brand from being on the lips of well dressed men from London to NY to Berlin and beyond. Keep an eye on WoodWood.

Similarly, Albam, Garbstore, Gitman Bros 3.1 Philip Lim, Norse, SoullandFolk and the neeeeeew (reinvention of) Ben Sherman are making waves in menswear- simultaneously clean, contemporary and classic!

Dressing The Window

From Traffic People Magazine Via CQC

I found this shoot impressive because of the photographic brilliance. Dealing with the bright daylight and reflection from the large amounts of glass whilst making the models and garments capture the eye and imagination would have definitely been a tall order. As for the outfits, I'm more interested in the construction than the wear ability and relevance to contemporary trends especially the first and last images. Your thoughts...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dresses and Skirts For Men

What to make of this? A dress for a man, or woman? Or is it unisex, inspired by womenswear modelled by a man, and coincidentally made by a menswear designer?

Does it even matter who it is made for or by? Are the garments nice? Doesn't that depend on what kind of body they are made to fit? Ummmm... I'll get back to you on this one...

P.S check out the mirt (Man Skirt) in the edit from the Givenchy post earlier this month

By Rick Owens, Via CQC