Monday, 30 November 2009

British Brand

YMC- You Must Create

On their site which is well worth a visit, they say "YMC are not led or influenced by seasonal trends but try to provide the solution for intelligent clothing that is both wearable and distinctive"

I think they've achieved this, especially in the look above
new store opened up in Soho. Poland st, London

check it

2nd feature for Garbstore

2010 collabo with streetwear company Mighty Healthy
Check out their jackets in the archive. Surprisingly there were available in Topman for a limited time during LFW 09, unsurprisingly, they sold out very quickly

Super Shades

Well , hat can i say, the title says it all.

Ray Ban's main competitor for the retro crown?

No contest really...

Return of the mac, not Burberry or Apple...

just me!!!

Hey, I didn't have sufficient Internet accessibility soooo i took October and most of November off so now ima play catch up!!!!

ere we go

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fashionista's Night Out

The Fashionista's night out was an event I worked at a while ago. It showcased a variety of acts and (apparently) an exclusive fashion show. There was a sense of fun and cheekiness as the guest were served by Pink Butlers and a a given performance by a very sexy Burlesque dancer.

This is just a taster of the night:
I love Andressa :)
My fav outfit of the night
The Pink Butlers (Sorry Stef)
Puurty laydeez
How attractive
Cheeky! (she stripped down to nipple tassles!)

I hope you enjoyed that boys and girls.



.. we trust?


Sunday, 15 November 2009


This is just a teeny weeny taste of Ruweyda's and I 'Sealed' collection


UNTOLD for The Glam Show

The Glam Show featured clothes from high street fashion to house fashion. Backstage was mayhem but loved it!

Andressa Schwier is a very good friend of mine and a great model BOOK HER!

Tiffany and her model
Me and my model (Emma Robertson) This is why some of us aren't cut out to be models.

More beautiful people

Hair and make up

oh yeah, and Nicky Hambleton-Jones was host. She was heavily prego and wore heels the whole day. You don't get anymore Yummy Mummy than that!


camera, lights, FASHION!!

Yesterday I worked as Francesca Marotta assistant stylist for a magazine shoot. We worked with some amazing pieces, but this coat was my fav by far!

It was completely made our of ribbons and was uberly heavy. It was literally love at first sight, still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

we used these stunning turbans by LALL London. They were made out of the most interesting fabric, almost like really soft paper mache.

LUFF IT! I'm just going to bombard you with a bunch of images I took on the day. Also I apologies for the crappy picture quality as everything was taken from my Blackberry, and so will all of my images I post.

my fav model of the day.

me doing a VERY important job!

would give an arm for this LIBERTY bag!

would give all four limbs for this complete outfit!!

This model reminded me of Carla Bruni Sarkozy

The shoot was really fun. It was shot at this maze like house in wimpole st, W1 with a bunch of empty rooms.


The new girl:

I'd be.
I'm Camelia.