Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bloomin 'eck its getting cold...

Time for the winter wrap up! Gone are the days of excitedly regurgitating the fact that this is the hottest November on record for ages to whomever will politely pretend they haven't heard the newsflash already, a 'proper' coat is needed. Single or double breasted, sheerling is a winter winner.

Pay attention:

Burberry Prorsum (who have recently seen a massive growth in sales of late) proves classic luxury fabrications and heritage design are key to executing this stylish trend. Easy to do with a rabbit draped around ones neck, giving this wool and cashmere blend overcoat shear pazzazz.

Not to be outdone by the Brits, not that fashion is a competition or anything, The largest cashmere manufacturers globally, Loro Piani have made dolly into a delectable suede and 100% lamb skin coat. This must feel amazing to wear! One can dream...

Bringing up the shear, sorry... rear good old Ralphy (Purple Label) has brought us this deliciously dark Spanish sheerling made in Italy. I think Del Boy and Rodders will agree that dark and lovely is the way to go with sheep lined coats, Only Fools and Horses would disagree.

All available at Mr Porter

N.B. No sheep were harmed in the process of creating this blog post. Similarly, no comedians were paid for the poor puns.