Wednesday, 15 June 2011

So on my lunch break I stumbled across this quaint menswear shop and label just off Carnaby St. A search for the perfect white shirt, a process which men who are fastidious about their garments will inform you is, greatly frustrating, gave birth to a the Hentsch Man brand. Recognizing a classic wardrobe should be simple, stripped back and only have a few options Hentsch Man really do hit the nail on the head. Made in Spain, Portugal and Italy, these conscious designers have been focused on chic simplicity and quality since 2008. Interestingly, Hentsch Man incorporates the finer things from other brands in their store, so instead of imitating the greats, they collaborate with other designers in distribution.

Here are a few of their products.£95 Slim fitting, simple, 100% cotton, front plaquette, Oxford button down, with breast pocket. The shirt that started it all. The White Sunday Shirt

Slim-fitting, flat fronted, 100% cotton seer sucker £160
100% Merino Wool
by Bobby
Tortoise shell

Definitely worth stopping off there if your in town, and your bank balance is beyond healthy.

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