Sunday, 12 June 2011

I don't know about you guys but I like my shorts above the knee. Of course this isn't always appropriate, but when fun and frolics in the sun are involved, and I've been hitting the gym or cycling, I'm all for getting the knobbly knees out. I must say, these shorts from Warriors of Radness probably should be worn when cycling, I reckon the mouse might get out of the house if you haven't got the right undies on! Madness.

Warriors of Radness, LA surfer/skater brand via oki-ni

Lacost Live via oki-ni. Best Colour for shorts I've seen so far simply because of the salmon orangey-pink coloring and short straight cut.

For tailored shorts like these and the Lacoste pair above, its always nice to get your roll on, press and maybe sew them in place so you don't have to adjust when your out and about.

ASOS own brand have done very well with the cut, composition, colour and cost of this garment. Hopefully they are easy to care for and last the summer, and the next.

p.s. for Denim shorts, only Levi's (especially 501's or 511's) will be tolerated, for guys (and dolls). American apparel acid wash (bleached punk style) are acceptable I suppose...

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