Sunday, 2 October 2011

More Millerain

Oliver Spencer Navigator 100% British Millerain Waxed showerproof Jacket

The love for this jacket is all in the deets! The large field parka or hunting jacket style pockets, good for stashing everything from shotgun shells to iPhones. The lovely jetted pocket, its the hidden one on the right side of the jacket, our left, makes an unusual addition to a piece of outwear. Usually such specification is saved for formal tailored jackets/blazers. In my humble opinion this makes the jacket even more appealing as it cleverly blends classic and contemporary styles. To top it all off, the single L shaped breast pocket with contrast coloured button has to be the most eye catching feature on this understated piece of apparel.

Oh and if you did not know, Millerain is a British made (this is a rarity in itself), premium, waxed, performance fabrication. You know this is durable and quality material when the very same company makes military and medical performance wear, as has done so for over 200 years! Need I say more?

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