Sunday, 12 June 2011

Limoland Currency-Print Swim Shorts. Lovely little short shorts for foreign festivals and, sun seeking and sailing! I must say it is rather tempting to say the print is nice from far but far from nice. Hit or Miss, I think you'll either love it or hate it.

Jet setting is tough for fashionistos, when they are rather few stylish options for functional travel ware. Fear not, this leather and cotton canvas case can brighten up a dreary luggage conveyor belt in any airport and with dimensions of 22" by 14" and 7"deep you may be able to squeeeeze it in to hand luggage, avoiding scratches and bumps from the holds. Teeny tiny wheels make this case exceptionally useful, even the gym buffs will agree, breaking a sweat whilst on holiday from heavy lifting is a definite no. Seeing as Wilson have been making dry goods since 1890 I wouldn't worry about it falling apart.

If you've got a bean head like mine or you simply have good taste in head ware, most likely you'll like this quality Panama hat made by the consistent team at Alfred Dunhill. Interestingly, the Panama hat was made famous by President Roosevelt Theadore. Hmmmm

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