Saturday, 25 June 2011

Have you ever thought of an idea for a garment and then been gutted to see it materialize in somebody's work, but not as good as it looked in your ideal image, of course. Here are three items I found on ASOS's Top 100 Holiday Picks that I thought of, before I knew said items already existed in their form- I promise, but with little money at uni and no design house or designer to work with/under (as of yet) and a shortage of sewing know-how I slept on the ideas... my favorite:

Waxed Cotton and Leather Combo By Ally Capelino, Prices start at £135

The Contrast Colour turn-up... By Ringspun, available at Asos

Simple short shorts, textured and printed

By ASOS (only £22, I might have to get involved!)

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