Saturday, 27 March 2010

More Vivienne, Mens S/S 10 looks

I'm not 100% sure I dislike the shiny finish on these, and the abundance of wrinkles annoys me slightly but i could live with it if I had the off centred button-fly on these bad boys

Love the roughly rolled hem, the bare ankles, and the patterned tassel loafer and the dickie bow, however here I don't think the overly long crotch and high waist fit works as well as it does below, possibly because of the way denim is harder to control in terms of the way it drapes on the body and the shapes in forms - as depicted here in the asymmetry ( although this could have been caused by the movement of the model, give or take)

HERE the high waisted long crotch combo works wonders, given I personally would have liked to see one break in the trouser leg, these trousers are most definitely, as far am I am concerned, a throwback to the style of the first Caribbeans that came over to the London on The Empire Windrush, see the pic below...

(The fellow on the left, note the high waistline with the extra couple of centimetres above the belt as Vivienne has imitated. Picture dates back to June 22nd 1948 )

I think this colour looks a bit better than the navy/black pair above, nice sandals though

The high waist/long crotch combo are a go and the cropped trouser length is a spring/summer fav of mine (because its the only time having skinny ankles works in my favour) not to detract from the fact that it's refreshing, dandy and preppy all at the same time!

Not so much the trousers I'm interested in here, more so the blazer. The off-white/eggshell/magnolia colour is lovely. What really caught my eye was the piping on the edge of the rounded slim lapelle and the continuation of the piping on the main body of the jacket where it becomes a trial and then a kite like shape on the chest. Interesting, something I haven't seen done before. The piping also continues on the cuffs.

The boots are also very nice, the ruffled top gives way to smooth contours towards the bottom of the boot, in dusty tan brown leather. It resembles a pair of battered Dewalt Rigger workwear boots that construction men wear on site, just more glamorous.

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