Saturday, 2 January 2010

Lookbook from Brit Designer

left outfit

Tapered elasticated wool trousers, left and cool tees, right, note the high waist of the belted trousers ,rightleft outfit is killer!!!!!!!!!!

Casely Hayford are a British design duo who pride themselves on 'pushing the boundaries of English sartorialism and British anarchy', something we at TheSemblance are grossly interested in. Their newest offering is inspired by the 'trans-cultural' mixture of Kingsland Rd. in Dalston, East London, this 'Afro-punk' collection; 'KINGS OF THE KINGS LAND' fuses traditional shapes and style of the quintessential English gentleman with prints, patterns and accesories inspired by tribal Africa and the Far East.

p.s loving the hair!!! Peep the Hankersleeves

By Casely Hayford, (below)

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