Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Back with the slicker than average [sho]FOLK

Taking a break from working in my retail job at the weekend and getting out of mu uni town to return to my hometown LONDON, I thought it was vital to meet with my fashionista friend who happens to write on this blog, all those hot fashion shows and shoots, yuuuup, that's her. We made the pilgrimage to the normal spots, Brick lane, Portabello and of course the west end to make the most of the limited time we had to shop while I was in town and to my delight I stumbled across the new Folk store just off Brick lane on Lambs Conduit st. by Son of a stag and Whenwewerecasuals.

The store layout major cool, it has the feeling that your in a rich fashionistas studio flat! Luff it!
The store is also littered with other brands including Feiyue footwear and Hill-side ties, Humanoid, Sessun and Won Hundred for Women.
The store plays host to a warm and inviting mood and helpful , chilled staff.

Check it out!!

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